January 8, 2012

Stamping Sunday - Green featuring Revlon Emerald

Today is the inaugural post for all the ladies in Stamping Sunday! We were challenged to do some stamping that also involves the color green. I wanted to start this first one off with a bang, so I tried stamping over glitter on two accent nails as an experiment. The first time I remember seeing a stamped pattern over glitter and being super interested by it was this Halloween manicure on My Nail Graffiti. My manicure is Revlon Emerald (dupe for OPI Jade is the New Black) on all nails, one thick coat on my middle finger and one thinner coat on my ring finger of Sinful Colors Call You Later. I stamped using SH Insta-Dri Lickety Split Lime and plate BM-201 on all fingers.

this may be my new hand position; loving it! 

mega-glitter-close-up - putting the macro lens to work!

I learned so much with this one experiment! The SH Insta-Dri worked really well for this, but I had to move super fast resulting in one awesome pro and one ehh con. The stamped pattern dries so fast that I had a challenging time getting all of the pattern down on my nail, but because it dried so quickly I could easily add topcoat without my design smearing at all! Yay! My designs ALWAYS smear, even though I load the brush and don't use that many strokes. I also know now that stamping over glitter can be cool, but I think that my ring finger looks better with less glitter and the stamped design - only because the lime color I used didn't provide enough contrast on my super glittery middle finger.

So there you go, my first post for Stamping Sunday. Please check out the group, Adventures in Stamping, and feel free to join us! I'll be adding everyone else's blog links on the right sidebar asap; we're currently adding them to a doc in the group.


  1. Greeeeeennn and glitter! Perfect! hehe

  2. Thanks everyone! I'm feeling rather bad as I took it off while my boyfriend was out running errands, and he was disappointed since he really liked this one, too


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