January 6, 2012

Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge - Animal Print

This week's PCFC challenge was 'animal print' as chosen by Zoe at Obsessive Compulsive Nail Painting Disorder. I did neon cheetah print! It's not particularly original or different, but I love doing these bright, over-the-top, sort-of-fake-looking cheetah print nails because they don't take very long and I like the way they look. I also think it's very cool that each person's freehand cheetah print looks different, like our own personal print.

I alternated fingers with two coats of Color Club Almost Famous (yellow) and Age of Aquarius (turquoise), then freehanded the dots and print. This is my second time doing freehanded cheetah print, and I really enjoy it!

You might have read in a different post that I have a new macro lens, and I love it, but I'm still struggling with the focusing of it. It's easier for me to keep it on automatic, but then sometimes it auto focuses on the one nail with the most contrast and gives me a sort of weird overall picture.

my pointer finger was my fave :)
 So there you have it! My neon cheetah print. Make sure you check out all the other ladies who participate in the PCFC challenges; we have some ah-ma-zinggg animal prints this week! Everyone is listed under the PCFC logo on my right sidebar ---->


  1. Beauuuutiful, I LOVE the colours so much!

  2. You free-handed this! Wow! Awesome job! I totally thought it was stamped!

  3. I love how it's free handed and still looks like a cheetah :D

  4. i love it - its almost obnoxiously bright - happy nails :)

  5. Yes! These are indeed my happy nails; my go-to when I need a nail pick-me-up :)


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