January 29, 2012


Hello! Hope you had a wonderful weekend; I had a great time hosting a small going-away party for a friend and then going to a show last night. I've been looking through some of the entries for my giveaway (I can't believe I'm over TWO HUNDRED FOLLOWERS already! yikes!!! THANK YOU!) and a lot of you enjoy haul posts. Sometimes I feel bad about all the things I buy, but if everyone else wants to see it - why not! I've been so so busy lately that it keeps me from buying things, which is both a pro and a con. Here's a round up of some of my recent goodies including an order from Pretty and Polished! I've put some of the pictures in this post under a cut because it's a particularly long post; super pic heavy.

today's haul from Rite-Aid
Rite-Aid magnetix
I finally found the magnetix display at Rite-Aid! YAY! There were only four of the eight colors remaining, these two and a silver and a pink. I picked up these two because I was planning on getting the four shades that Icing has. I can't wait to swatch these! Each polish comes with two patterns.

so pretty and unique, right? just wait
I picked this one up on a whim at the last moment (as in on my way to the register); I thought surely it was super unique and pretty, but of course found something similar in my stash. I'll compare soon, but you're welcome to guess what it's similar to before then :)

Pretty and Polished! I got some minis :)

I pulled the trigger and picked up these minis on Etsy. After all the Lynnderella drama lately, I've been getting into other frankeners. I'm also waiting on an order from Laquistry.

L-R: Party on my Yacht, Ornament Smash, and New Breed
Party on my Yacht
This one reminds me of Mardi Gras puke in all the best ways; I think I'm the most excited about it. Very pretty and has a lot of depth, like a pre-made jelly sammich in a bottle.

mmmmmm Ornament Smash! So pretty!
Ornament Smash was a gorgeous holiday exclusive. I'm sure you're thinking "Oh, I don't need another rainbow glitter", but you do need this one. It's wonderful.

New Breed - like a sexy strawberry; can't wait to sammich it
Another last minute impulse purchase; I added this to the cart at the last minute because it's so neat. I can't wait to make a jelly sammich with it.

cute minis, eh? 
Just wanted to show you a quick comparison; these are adorable mini bottles and they're the perfect size to sample some new colors!

I took advantage of the GMA Deborah Lippmann deal; this is my first order mwahaha
These are my first DL polishes!! I am so excited, but I still haven't taken them out of their boxes!!! I did my first order, but then realized what an amazing deal it was that I....ordered more *hangs head in shame* I'm waiting on one more Across the Universe, Happy Birthday, and another Today was a Fairytale.

CVS clearance 
Picked up some Milani clearance polishes and a back up of Wet n Wild Private Screening (I immediately knew I needed a back up after using it for first time here; it's getting re-packaged and has already been released, but I'm 100% fine with getting the smaller bottles for cheap). The red is 'Techno Red', so I've almost completed my Milani neon collection!

I'm years late, but I am now the proud owner of the UD Naked palette! I haven't used it yet since I got it yesterday, but I'm really excited and I hope it works well with my undertones (I'm awful at figuring that out).

*whew* *wipes brow* That's all the junk I've bought lately.


  1. Great haul. I love my Naked Palette! Hope you love yours too. I just ordered some Frankens from the same shop. Can't wait to try them.

  2. great haul :D


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