January 5, 2012

Day 5 - Blue: Zoya Phoebe

Zoya Phoebe is one of many polishes I got during their flash promos leading up to Christmas. I love mattes because they dry quickly and wear really well for me, but I also struggle sometimes with application because it can get lumpy too easily and I am impatient. I've mastered the OPI brush for matte application (just slap that wide brush down and go quick!), but the Zoya one is smaller and I haven't figured it out 100% yet. Anyhoo, Phoebe is part of the Mod Mattes collection from Zoya from the summer (2011).

with flash

mega shimmer!

Phoebe is beautiful because it has all of this gorgeous hidden same-colored shimmer, so it gets crazy sparkly and wonderful with top coat. I'll also show you it when it's 'natural' matte state on my thumb. I like it both ways, but love it if I can manage to paint it without being lumpy!
most color accurate; in artificial light, no flash

I had a hard time getting a color accurate photo of this; I think the above picture is the most accurate, just fyi. Below is a quickie shot of 'natural' Phoebe, without any topcoat for anyone that's curious.

lumpy matte-y
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  1. Ooh this is such a yummy colour!

  2. Very pretty, love the color! I have Mitzi from that collection. I don't think she is as shimmery.

  3. Love how we both went matte for blue day, hahaha!

    I love this collection. Zoya mattes are just amazing, anyways... been wanting it! :D

    BTW, didn't know there was an application process with mattes, hahaha, but I guess there should be since they dry so fast.

  4. Thanks y'all! I love this color.

    @Kirsten the other colors don't have shimmer, just this one I believe

    @Ngelic some mattes dry faster than others so maybe your mattes are easier than mine! lol My Orly mattes dry much slower than the Zoya or OPI mattes that I have

  5. Hello There! Just stumbled on your blog and I really like it. I gave you a little plug in my latest post on Finger Paints Winter Sky which is very similar in color to Phoebe. I really need to pull Phoebe out of my untrieds... :)


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