January 3, 2012

Day 3 - Yellow: China Glaze GR8

I am so thrilled to be showing you my yellow nails! I got my happy little hands on China Glaze GR8 recently and I really like it. I love holos because they dry so quickly, but look so awesome. Be prepared, as I have lots and lots of pictures of this because I love the finish so much.

sunlight lamp

sunlight lamp

low artifical light

Here's a shot in low artificial light, just to try and show you what it looks like without the rainbow-y goodness. I think a lot of people get bummed out that holos aren't nearly as nice looking when they aren't all lit up and linear, but I think this is a really pretty shade of gold.

with flash

I think for me, 2012 will be the year of the holo, the duochrome, and stamping! I'm looking forward to adding some more holos and duochromes to my collection - I'm looking at you, Hits Mari Moon, Hits No Olimpio, and Glitter Gal!

Make sure you check out Bec, Julia, and Linda for their day 3 mani!
Edit: Please make sure you check out Alyssa at Fancy Phalanges, too! And The Key to Jennasis!


  1. I know I'm a couple of days late, but can I catch up and join you in this challenge?


  2. Heck yes! I'll add your blog link :)

  3. I like this colour, it's nice and unique :)
    I thought it was a Hits polish even though I saw the bottle, hahaha.


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