January 22, 2012

Day 20 - Watermarble with Nicki Minaj OPI colors

Here's another right hand post! I recently got the mini pack of Nicki Minaj OPI colors and instead of doing swatches, I wanted to do some sort of fun nail art with them. Ta-da! A Nicki Minaj watermarble! I used OPI Skull & Glossbones as my base, then water marbled with the three creamy colors in the pack - Pink Friday, Did it On 'Em, and Fly. I wanted to see what it would look like marbling over a glitter, so I put a layer of Save Me on my ring finger before marbling, then put another layer on afterwards. For my pointer finger I used tap water, and it gave me a very cool, subtle watercolor effect. For all my other fingers I used filtered water, and the colors seem much brighter. This was my second time doing a water marble and so far I think they're pretty fun and easy! You can see my first water marble here.

glitter under water marble

some extra glitter over the water marble :)

My mini pack was missing Metallic for Life, so I haven't tried it yet. I really like the creamier colors in this collection, so I'll probably pick up bigger bottles of Pink Friday and Fly in the future since I have nothing similar in my collection so far. I'm so surprised that my color preferences are opening up so much - I'm starting to really love nudes so much, and this pink is pretty! My fave finger, my ring finger, is super subtle and it makes me really want to try the 'acetone marbling' thing a lot of people have been doing lately.

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And sorry my days are all out of whack!

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  1. Fun! I wish I knew how to water marble! The Nicki Minaj colors are perfect for water marbling! Great job!


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