January 2, 2012

Day 2 - Orange: Orly Old School Orange

Did I mention that I'm using untrieds in this 31 Day Challenge? So it's like a double-duty challenge! I recently bought myself all four of the Orly Plastix collection. I like the different texture, and I especially like the bright colors and how fast they dry!

I did two coats of Orly Old School Orange and did some stamping on the tips. I wanted it to look like an abstract orange, so I used white and a sort of lacy pattern.

For my birthday, which is in December, I got an awesome new macro lens! It lets me take some excellent pictures of details, but also now is so close to my nails I'm going to have to do like 2058251x more clean up!

All of these pictures were taken with a 'sunlight' lamp and no flash. I need to keep practicing my stamping (let's not discuss my middle finger snafu too much); definitely something to improve on in 2012!

Make sure you check out BecJulia, and Linda for their orange nails!
Edit: Please make sure you check out Alyssa at Fancy Phalanges, too! And The Key to Jennasis!


  1. Love this (it's orange duh!) and your stamping skill are great! (I don't stamp- never tried- afraid I will need a second job to buy plates) hehe

  2. I love the stamping you did! Looks so pretty with the bright orange :D

  3. Aw thanks. You two are too sweet to me :)

  4. Awws, this is too cute! Your stamping is pretty sweet - at least you can get all the excess polish to scrap of the metal template, lol.

    I like this orange... but the sound of a rubber texture kinds of puts me off because I just imagine a bouncy ball on our fingers, hahaa.

  5. @Ngelic I never thought of it that way! I think the Illamasqua 'Theater of The Nameless' polishes are more rubbery finish, while these 'Plastix' ones really do just seem like vinyl toys - very plastic-y, but not the shiny sort of plastic


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