January 17, 2012

Day 17 - Glitter! with Holiday 2011 butterLondons

One of my favorite parts about my barista job is meeting cool, fun people on campus. I remember seeing a girl with nudey nails and two black accents nails on her ring and pinkie fingers - most chic mani I've probably ever seen! Today's glitter polishes work perfectly with the same color scheme. Let me tell you up front that I am not too pleased with my pictures; I got a lot of glare, I couldn't pick out details, and neither my sunlight lamp or flash would get nice (enough for how great it looks in person) photos. Hopefully the sun will be out and I can snap a few pics tomorrow to edit this because I was really hoping to wow with the shiny. I'm really selling this here, eh? Onwards!

2x Tart with a Heart over WnW 'My Private Viewing' (current fave nude)

1x The Black Knight over SH Night Flight

+1x Tart with a Heart - my eyes seriously can't understand this in person!

These beauties came to me in a swap with the lovely Debbie. My other butterLondon's are sort of goopy and hard to apply, but these two were lovely! They did need a lot of topcoat, and I probably would have used Gelous if I wasn't going to be taking this off really soon (for a new daily challenge, obvs). I realized I had to have these after seeing Scrangie's swatches.

In other news, this are only getting busier with this challenge! If only the list was mixed up with those simple color days every once in a while as 'break' days! Oh well. I have something fun up my sleeve for tomorrow's half moon challenge.

A big thank you to everyone that has entered my giveaway so far! I can't believe I broke 100 followers!  Your comments have been incredibly lovely and fascinating :D

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