January 10, 2012

Day 10 - Gradient = Ombre Nails

I love love love ombre nails! I've always wanted to them, but never had enough similar shade of the same finish of polish. I almost made it!! The color on my thumb is the right color in terms of the gradient, but the finish isn't right. For next time I will definitely put all my color theory knowledge to use and mix colors, rather than try and find the right shades in my stash.

Revlon Blue Lagoon, ChG Bahamian Blues, Jesse's Girl Girls Night Out, Barry M Cobalt Blue, ChG First Mate

Not the most original post in terms of my creative personal take on gradient nails, but I've done sponged gradients before and I know how to do them, while an ombre mani was new to me! And finally some quick and very messy stamped skittles for fun; I was mostly testing out how well the other shades of blue would apply.

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PS. The Jesse's Girl and the Barry M shades seem a little dupeish in some of the pictures I took, but I thought they went perfectly in person. Perhaps a comparison post in the future for those two? And just fyi I've read some comparison posts for ChG Bahmian Blue and its dupeish for the blue Barry M ice cream shade.


  1. Love this! Ombre nails are so cool.

  2. Yours turned out awesome! My ombre was more of a comparison. Oh well it was fun! Your pictures are stunning! :)

  3. Thanks y'all!

    @Kirsten maybe try mixing your shades next time? I'll be trying that next time I decide to do ombres as I spent more time dotting colors on a piece of paper to test than it would have taken me to mix the different shades!


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