January 2, 2012

2012 = Polishes I'm Pumped About

Here's a round up of some of the press releases for some things I'm excited about in 2012. I'm going to try and focus myself on truly 'special' things for my collection (since I have an embarrassingly large number of polish and too many untrieds), but these things are making it harddd! I do hope that this year becomes 'year of the flakie' and I can respectfully bow out of buying any others; I'm pretty full up on flakies already.

Upcoming 2012 Collections that I'm pumped about:

FingerPaints flakies! FLAKIESSSSS! I have Twisted, Asylum, and Motley coming to me in the mail and I can't wait :D These are the last ones, though, I promise (Zoya has a 'Fleck' collection, but they aren't really doing anything exciting for me - serious props on a colored base, though!)

OPI Nicki Minaj collection (swatches & comparison swatches) - I'll be picking up the mini set, and will probably spring for the hairy bar glitter 'Save Me' (mmmm hairy bar glitter)

Zoya True (swatches) - I have my eye on the four right-hand colors, but I'm really interested in how these stack up against OPI's Holland collection, with some similar green/blue/purple shimmery shades

OPI Holland (swatches) - honestly loving the whole collection, even those bright warm colors (I want a hot pink?!) plus their shimmery blue and green have little black flecks in them too = delicious

Essie 'Navigate Her' from the Spring 2012 collection; I'm hoping this will quench my desire for Deborah Lippman's Almost Famous

Are you ready to give China Glaze your wallet? I certainly am!

China Glaze Magnetix collection with separate magnet packs !!!! 
I only have one magnetic polish, so I'm very excited about this

Hunger Games collection - yes, please, all of them! 
I've read the first book in the series, and I loved it

I'll have to wait for swatches on these, but I'm really intrigued:

ChG "On Safari"- the bottle shots for these look similar to the FingerPaints "Fall Fashionista" collection, so I can't wait to see swatches and comparisons. 

I think the names are cute, tho!

ChG Electropop (swatches) - I love alllll of these, but I want to see comparison swatches and/or compare bottles in store, since I feel like these are colors I really adore and don't want too many dupes in my own stash. Definite no thanks on the glitter, tho. I'm on a low-to-no glitter buy for the next year!

China Glaze's 'crackle glitter' and 'Prismatic' collections get honorable mention; I don't really think I need anymore glitter or crackle polish, but I'm sure they'll be awesome

Things I'm excited to buy in 2012:

Girly Bits - I'm especially interested in Denim Diva, Stormy Skies, and Street Magic 

Mari Moon duochromes (swatches)
Sally Hansen Black Tie showed me that there was more to duochromes than just grey/silver/green/purple/blah, and now I want to try some more

+ more holos (Glitter Gal in larger bottles, Hits No Olimpios, and OPI DS's that I missed out on)

What are you excited about? There are some great upcoming Orly, OPI and Color Club collections, too!


  1. Ahhhh I'm on a no-buy until I use all my untrieds :<

  2. I understand! I'm on a "not unless it is a promo/sale/clearance and I don't have a lot of that kind of awesome finish yet" buy :)

    PS. Those Revlon jellies just popped up in my Ulta the other day in case you were still looking for them

  3. Oh my gosh there are so many pretty things coming out. I'm super excited about the Hunger Games collection. Love the books!

  4. Excellent post!!! I think I'm most excited to see the CG Electropop. I love all those fun colors.


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