December 3, 2011

Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge - Jelly Sammich

I got to choose the theme for this week - a jelly sammich - and I was so excited I did it a week early and took 119042 pictures, none of which are accurate! Hooray! Just imagine the pictures below taken with flash are a smidgen less light and the ones without flash are less dark. A jelly sandwich is when you layer a sheer polish with something else (glitter, flakie, what-have-you) and it ends up looking really awesome and 3D.
reasonably color accurate

For my sammich I layered in this order:
  • 1 coat Thank Blue! by Lynnderella (the first one I've used so far!)
  • 2-3 coats Revlon Just Tinted Mystical (my jelly)
  • blurple Pumpkin flakie from Bee 

pumpkin flakie

After these pictures I added a layer of Gelous to smooth out the flakies and add a smidgen more depth. I liked this mani a lot, but Thank Blue! has a slightly tinted blue base, and it made my whole sandwich a lot darker in color. It also looks a little like the person wearing it has hypothermia, but it is very beautiful and made for layering over similarly-colored polish.

smidgen dark

I guess this one is a mehni - I'm not in love with it, but it's still pretty. I think it does work better to have the jelly first, then layer back and forth with glitter to give it a more interesting floating effect.

Have you made a layered sammich before? Did you know you can easily franken a jelly just by adding a few drops of any color to a bottle of clear polish?

PS. The first two pictures are taken under a bright sunlight lamp, and the last one was taken in a more diffuse lightbox with sunlight light bulbs


  1. Oooo I like this!! I think I want some of those Revlon Just Tinted's now!

  2. yumm! i love those flakies! :D
    when did the revlon jellies come out? i totally need more jellies in my collection :D

  3. It still looks really good, I love the colour combo!

  4. Thanks, ladies! The Just Tinted's came out in spring/summer - I think I got them in August? But I occasionally see them in stores, especially Rite Aid seems to have older displays for a longer time

  5. @The Sneakerette I know someone selling the set of Just Tinted's + the topcoat if you can't find them

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