December 4, 2011

31 Days of Christmas - Day 3

Day 3's theme is snow globe! Another one that I choose to do easier nail 'art' via layering than to design anything. I've been enjoying using a lot of recent purchases and untried polish during this challenge, though.

This isn't a jelly sammich, but it is still a layered mani. I used 3 polishes in this order:
  • 1 coat ManGlaze 'Royal Matterimoaning' 
  • 1 coat Confetti's 'Party Palace Blue' (dupeish to OPI Last Friday Night, btw)
  • 1 coat SH Diamond Strength 'Glass Slipper' 
  • 1 more coat of the Confetti PPB to tone down Glass Slipper
Simple, sparkly, and pretty! I picked up way too many ManGlaze polishes during their Black Friday sale, but they are amazing and I love them. I wish I had stopped with this combo after my first two polishes; I haven't found the right thing for Glass Slipper yet. Somehow the white flakes seem to look like holes or reflect way too much light (especially in pictures), making things look less than stellar.

macro-ish view of shimmers

I did this manicure on the 3rd like I was supposed to, but haven't been quick enough in getting pictures from my camera to the internets. Today I took some sunlight pictures and added a coat of ManGlaze 'Hot Mess' on my ring finger - it's a matte top coat with silver glitter. Yum. Can't wait to use it some more!

ManGlaze Hot Mess accent on ring finger

Do you have any ManGlaze polishes? Will some epic swatches help convince you in the future?

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