November 25, 2011

The Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge: LEAST Favorite Polish

Or, in my case, my 'I can't believe this was such a huge lemming of mine, I am so glad I didn't pay $8 + shipping on this and I hope my bottle of thinner is large enough to save this mess (hahahah yeah right)" polish. All of the pictures in this post were taken in my light box using some 'sunlight' bulbs.

Barielle 'Falling Star' is a blue jelly-ish polish with round copper glitter in it (I say jelly-ish because I had to just slap it on Jackson Pollock style and there are places where it seems more layered and seems sort of jelly). This particular bottle was super super gloopy and thick and came out in strings when I tried to paint with it (hence, Jackson Pollock style). I know that with thinner it will be much more fun to use, but I was disappointed with it after wanting it for so long. I think that if I can get the blue base to be more jelly-equse and they layers of copper glitter seem more 3D, I'll be happier with it. It also seems to have eaten through the Seche Vite I put on yesterday; you can feel all the little copper bits today. I'll have to try this with Gelous in the future. This is a pretty polish in the bottle, but doesn't do a lot for me on the nail - yet.
see how magical the bottle seems?

Perhaps this will be making a return to my nails after I thin the crap out of it. I might use half to franken with, because while I love the idea of this polish, it still seems like there is something missing (me thinks it is another size of glitter bits)!

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  1. Awww this polish looks so cool in the bottle! Too bad it's a dud =[


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