November 14, 2011


The Monday challenge this week for Polish-aholics Anonymous was PLAID!  

Plaid Zoya

I was really inspired by a screengrab I had taken of my Zoya order a month ago, and decided they would be fun fall plaid colors. I wanted to Fauxnaud because I hadn't stamped in a while, so I used Mash plate M60 (dupe for Konad m60, too) and special white Konad polish on top of some painted stripes of Zoya Shawn, Caitlin, and Cola. I wish that the stripes of color I had done showed through the stamping better; I think this would have been more successful with either freehand stripes OR stamping, but not both. I messed up on my middle and ring fingers, but because I did a layer of clear in between, it was really easy to remove the stamped pattern, re-apply some clear, and re-do the stamp. I wish I had aligned the stripes of color with the stripes in the stamp pattern but oh well! Some extra practice and I'll be even better.

natural light

Here are some pretty bottle shots of the Zoyas. I really like Zoya because it works well for me; it wears well on me and they have a great selection of colors. If you like Zoya, but it doesn't work for you or you don't want to spend $8 a bottle - Color Club Shabby Drab (Back to Boho A) is dupeish for Caitlin and China Glaze Brownstone (Metro Fall collection) is dupeish for Cola!

Shawn, Caitlin, Cola
natural light

Don't forget you can click through for more detail on any of these pictures.
Have you done plaid nails before? I bet they're better than mine!


  1. i loved your plaid, and i NEVER would have put those 3 colours together - looks awesome xxx

  2. Thank you! I never would have put them together myself, if they hadn't been arranged in my shopping cart that way


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