November 23, 2011

Inspired: Ovals

bunny nails by Glitter Smack
I saw this picture on my nail blog's tumblr dashboard, and not only is the paint adorable, but ZOMG THOSE PERFECT OVAL-Y NAILS! In my last post, I said I really liked how the oval nails look, but I can't maintain long ovals like that with my part-time job right now. This, however, I could do! I've never done ovals before, though, just gone back and forth between square and sqoval. A new nail adventure is on the horizon!

What's inspiring your nails lately? Any new nail adventures for you?

**bunny nails by Glitter Smack; not my own design or nails!

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  1. These are too cute!!! The colors and design complement eachother so well (:

  2. I really want to try oval/rounded nails, but I'm crazy nervous that I'm going to do it and then hate it and I'll lose length :(


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