November 30, 2011

I think it's almost time to host a giveaway + general update

I have over 25 Blogger followers (woo hoo!) and I'm getting close to 1000 views (that seems like so many to me, a baby blogger); I'm also near to 50 followers on the short-form tumblr that complements this blog ( - if those aren't first milestones to celebrate by sharing nail polish goodies, then I don't know what are!

However, I've never hosted a giveaway before. I was lucky enough to win one from Adina at Krasey Beauty once in August, though! Please let me know about your experience and tips with hosting a giveaway, as well as your general opinion. Do you think giveaways are awesome, or silly? Have you ever won one? Do you scale the giveaway prize based on the milestone? Let me know! I was looking for some possible gifts and saw two awesome Color Club box sets, but I feel like that was so last month and need some direction.

Tomorrow is the start of The Purple Crumpet Fairy 31 Days of Christmas challenge! I love Christmas and am excited to be doing my first month-long challenge. I'm going to be traveling off and on during the holidays, so I get the added challenge of completing everything with a significantly limited stash. DOUBLE CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! And don't forget I'll have an additional Friday Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge this week, and another double post Monday.

This will be fun; don't forget to tune in tomorrow and the rest of December for some festive nail art 

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