November 7, 2011

Birthday Club!

You may or may not have noticed this picture at the footer of my blog:

I'm the lucky duck that gets to be the first recipient in an international birthday club! The original Birthday Club idea was created by Julia at Lacquered Me (her original post here). Essentially, there are 12 girls in the club and each one has a different birthday month. During one girl's birthday month, the other 11 girls send her packages with nail polish and goodies! I'm so pleased to be in an international group; it's a great opportunity to network with other ladies interested in nail stuff from around the globe. We have several ladies from the US, some from the UK and one from Australia. We will all be blogging about our packages when we receive them. We've also made an Facebook group and already seem like an adorable little nail polish family :)

Here's a list of the girls involved:
  1. Debbie at
  2. Claire at
  3. Stephanie at
  4. Bee at
  5. Stella at
  6. Elizabeth at
  7. Kerrie at
  8. Sam at
  9. Me!
  10. Lyncia
  11. Sheena
  12. Tara
If you're interested in joining a birthday club or making your own, you can contact Julia at and check her out at her blog Lacquered Me, and Facebook fan page

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