October 24, 2011


Another Halloween manicure - this time adorable monsters!

colors l-r: Jesse's Girl All Things Girly, OPI Who the Shrek Are You?, Sally Hansen Complete Crinoline, Wet n' Wild Ink Well topped with Cougar Attack

I love these little guys! I'm a little bummed my pinkie didn't show up better in real life, although I think it looks nice in this picture (just little eyes in the dark). The monster is inspired by this post I found on tumblr, and the frankensteins have been floating around the internet a lot but here's one good source. I made up the silly vampire myself! Yay!

a view with a thumb!

These are the first pictures I've taken with my light box. I feel like I need some practice with posing my hand and taking pictures at the same time; most of my pictures still seem sort of awkward to me. Overall, I'm really happy with this first set of light box pictures and SUPER happy with how much better my manicures look now that I'm leaving a gap!!!


  1. omg these are freaking ADORABLE!!! i really like the cyclops one--i haven't seen that on any halloween nails yet! how did you go about making your light box? i kinda want to set one up too, since the sun hasn't been out much lately, and it'd be a lot more convenient!

  2. Thank you!! I first saw the cyclops nails here - http://daaaanggirl.com/post/8145223003/random-one-eyed-monsters-i-have-no-clue-what-made

    About the light box, I totally forgot to put the link! I used this tutorial http://ohsheglows.com/2011/01/26/how-to-make-a-light-box/ - but it's just a box with three holes cut out and something added to diffuse the light (tablecloth, tissue paper)


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