July 20, 2011

Image Plate Organization

Whew! So, I've been working on organizing my image plates.

I wanted to put in half of an index card with all of the images stamped on it so that I could see the designs while flipping through the album more easily, but that proved to take a lot more time and resources than I originally assumed. I did, however, learn to stamp better in the process of this, which has been great. Previously, I had problems holding the card at the right angle without gauging out the paint in more open designs. I got my Bundle Monster plates recently in the mail, which tripled my image plates since I already had the MASH set.

Now that I've abandoned stamping every image, I easily found the image pictures (like above) on the Bundle Monster website and printed those out instead. I'm going to be altering my photo album (similar to this tutorial by Rebecca Likes Nails or this one by Kewt-ified!) soon so that I'm using its space more efficiently. I'll post pictures as soon as I alter my album!

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